Are you a blogger in the hookah industry? Do you have a large audience which is actively following you and waiting for a new content / release in your blog? - then you are the one who can get to the exhibition absolutely free of charge and make a statement*!

Are you the one who just starting his way in this difficult business, but already actively gaining popularity!? We will also prepare a special offer for you, which gives you an opportunity to take part in the competition "The most effective blogger of the Year 2021" and get tickets for yourself and your friends**!

Fill out an application to become an info-sponsor of the Hookah Club Show 2021 and we will definitely contact you!
*Attention! All applications are manually selected! We will contact you shortly after your application has been reviewed.
** We will give all bloggers a 10% discount promo code! Without exception! For every 10 tickets sold, you will receive 1 FREE ticket!
The blogger with the biggest amount of tickets sold by his promo code will be awarded on the Hookah Club Show stage!
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