FLUM is a most famous brand on the market for disposable vape in USA. It redefined the

disposable vape category with the simple elegant design, as well as the phenomenal fresh


Vape should be simple and comfort. FLUM make sure your every single puff is more about

to set your mind at rest, make your every single puff just for take it easy. Every touch, every

puff, every tasting is all about the silky and softly.

FLUM focus on the product design and quality, support the R&D team and the peripheral

material development, technology upgrade, flavor upgrade. FLUM always care more aboutyour safety. FLUM is the first one who add the protect function in the disposable industry. FLUM always use the best ingredients and finest material to achieve the extraordinary flavors in order to craft the most satisfying vaping experience to our consumers. FLUM believe in consumer centric. Consumers safety and satisfying vaping experience are the main concerns of the FLUM brand. FLUM will always stand for people’s wellbeing and put all our efforts into making the greatest vape devices to improve smoker’s daily life.