Duomeida is a subsidiary company of YOUME GROUP specializing in the R&D,

production and global brand operation of electronic cigarette products. It has a

world-famous brand "COOLPLAY". The company not only has 15 years of

communication mobile R&D, but also has more than 5 years of e-cigarette

experience. The style of product design is always fashionable, novel and concise.

Products include Disposable Pod, Pod System, CBD, HNB.

YOUME GROUP, headquartered in the creative building of Shenzhen Science and

Technology Park, Guangdong, is a leader in the global e-cigarette industry and has

been committed to the development and innovation of mid-to-high-end product

technology and the research on the sustainable development of the industry. In

the past few years, our group has successfully incubated many well-known brands,

including SUORIN, JK (airbar), COOLPLAY, etc.

At present, customers have covered all over the world, including the United States,

EU Member States, the United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia,

Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina and most other countries and regions.