Contest «Taste for Asya Zakatova»
What will be the new taste
for Asi Zakatova?
This year it’ll be a dry martini!
The competition "Taste for Asya Zakatova" in 2023 will be held in two directions: hookah tobacco and vap liquids or disposable electronic cigarettes. Hookah and vap brands can try their hand at creating a unique taste.
The mechanics of the competition are simple. The manufacturer sends a sample of tobacco or liquid, Asya tests them and chooses the most liked taste. At the Vape Club Show 2023 event, Asya will hand-deliver the prize to the winner «Taste for Asi Zakatova».
Contest technique
Full time limit
Apply for mail
To the purity of the experiment was absolute, and the evaluation is unbiased, taste Asya blindly, and until the moment of presentation, will not know which brand won (will only know the sample number).
Call for applications by December 4th.
Samples should be at least 100 gr. for hookah and 10 ml for vapour fluid. Not more than 2 samples from brand. In impersonal package. Only Vladislav will know which brand belongs to which sample.
Send an application for mail: with the mark «Taste for Asi Zakatova» and clarification Weip or the hookah industry you represent.
Vladislav Baryshnikov, the permanent arbiter of this competition, will answer you and write where to send samples.
Asya loves vermouth very much. Bright, rich, herbal, tart dry martinis are good with ice and cocktail, but so far no one has created this taste in tobacco or vape. Asya watches the figure and can not afford sweet drinks, so vermouth should be dry! And of course, Asi’s favorite is MARTINI EXTRA DRY.
Create a taste of dry martini
Vladislav will assign a serial number to the sample. The best samples will be re-tested, also with numbers, resulting in a sample number that Asya will call the most liked.
Until the last moment, even Asya will not know which brand won and only an envelope with the name of the winner will reveal this secret. So if your company is bold and resourceful and you are sure to be able to impress the taste of Asi, then you have a unique opportunity to try your hand!
We are waiting for your applications at: and good luck to all technologists and brands.
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