Internal Accreditation Manager
Technical Director
Larisa Garifullina
Irina Grigorieva
Head of Marketing
Partner Content Manager
Chief Administrator
Alesya Koptyakova
Asya leads a team of professionals that has been gathering foreign and Russian manufacturers under one roof for many years.

The confidence of the exhibitors in the organization of the event, the authority, charisma and inexhaustible energy of Asya makes it possible to host a serious professional event, both exciting and interesting for visitors.
Asya Zakatova ORGANIZER
We want to introduce you to a unique event in the russian vape industry.
The origins of the creation and development of the project is an experienced, professional, enthusiastic team of vape culture, always open to interaction with guests and partners.
Our projects
Wine Club Show
Hookah Club Show
LLC "Smoke without fire", PSRN 1197847126982, TIN 7801667134, 199004,
St. Petersburg, Sredny pr. V.O., 28/29, LITER A, room 19-N, office 1